At Wilmington Instrument Company, we have been providing calibration services and custom calibration tools to some of the most demanding industries for over 70 years. We are metrology professionals, offering comprehensive services that are geared to meet the real-world needs of our customers. We provide more than calibration and maintenance of measuring instruments; our team can design and fabricate complete application specific engineering solutions. These are tools that are designed to meet the unique measuring requirements of your operation. From custom made calibration benches to retrofits, we apply our extensive knowledge base to deliver innovation and process enhancements. Here are some examples of projects we have completed.

Calibration Workstation

This calibration workstation is comprised of fully-independent function-specific sub-panels, mounted in a self-contained detachable, stackable console. The components are fully interchangeable, so the bench can easily change with process needs. Its modular design allows for plug and play changeovers, and delivers high versatility in a compact space.

System features and options:

  • Pressure loop testing (using Crystal N-Vision pressure reference recorder) from vacuum to 3000 PSI for both mA output and voltage output transmitters
  • Performs both static and dynamic calibration with high-speed data logging
  • Panels can contain from 1 to 6 N-Vision base units, and consoles can be fabricated to accommodate special requirements
  • N-Vision modules are available for pressure calibration from vacuum through 15,000 PSI
  • With Crystal’s optional barometric reference, the system will perform both gauge and absolute measurements without changing modules
  • By selecting the necessary pressure modules, the system is capable of performing wet-wet differential pressure calibration at elevated operating static pressures
  • Finger tight pressure connections to 10,000 PSI are facilitated using Crystal’s CPF pressure connection toolkit
  • Dynamic testing of relief valves and pressure switches
  • Data is easily saved to a Microsoft Excel file
  • Automated calibration with report generation using Crystal’s FastCal software
  • Dynamic temperature testing and fully recordable temperature switch and transmitter testing (with optional RTD module)
  • The integral Martel MC-1210 multifunction calibrator provides source and read mA, frequency, thermocouples, ohms and RTD’s using the panel mounted Martel MC1210PM multifunction calibrator module

PDF Test Bench Additional Information (PDF – 379KB)

High Accuracy Digital Sanitary Gauge Assembly

A pharmaceutical industry customer was experiencing a high failure rate on digital sanitary gauges that they were currently using in a critical process. In addition to the obvious detrimental effects of failed gauges on production, they are also very expensive and non-repairable. The failures also posed an unacceptable risk to quality compliance.

To help this customer solve their failed gauge problem we worked directly with their quality department and metrology group. Together we developed a gauge with high reliability. In the event of a failure, the gauge is fully repairable for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Custom Workbench

This custom workbench was designed and fabricated for a pharmaceutical industry application. The customer provided us with tight specifications that had to be met in order for the unit to fit into an existing work cell. All dimensions including height, width, depth, and shelf width and height were critical. They also wanted the flexibility to allow changes to the bench’s configuration to accommodate changes in process down the road. Because of our experience and expertise, we were able to meet all of these criteria as well as schedule and price point.

Custom Calibration Workbench

This is an example of a custom calibration workbench that we designed and fabricated for a long time customer. This unit was designed for calibrating pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, and pressure switches. The unit includes a cart with drawers for storing calibration accessories, tools, hoses, and fittings. In addition, the console can be easily detached from the bench and attached to the cart to create a mobile calibration workstation. Our innovative, robust design ensured that the workbench would provide value and long service life.

Batch Counter/Controller

In this project, we helped a customer who needed a solution for an existing flow meter register test fixture. Their specifications included the ability to pre-set up to 1 million revolutions on an integral batch counter. Then, upon reaching the desired number of revolutions, the system would automatically shut down. Our team essentially developed and built a plug-and-play solution. Our unit met all the design criteria and could be installed on the existing test fixture without requiring any internal modifications to the existing equipment.

Calibration Console

An oil and gas industry customer approached us to retrofit an existing test bench with a calibration console. They provided many functional requirements including the ability to easily add or modify features for future processes. Fully configured, the calibration console was built with the following capabilities and features:

  • Calibrate pressure gauges, switches, and transmitters from vacuum to 15,000 PSI, in both gauge and absolute pressure in any English or metric engineering units
  • Optional software package collects data from the UUT and creates a complete calibration report in a format compliant with ISO 17025
  • Accuracy of 0.06″ H20 at the low end facilitates accurate calibration of DP type flow transmitters
  • Accuracy of .025% of reading up to 300 PSI and accuracy of .05% of reading for calibrations above 300 PSI and up to 15,000 PSI
  • High-speed data recording capability (up to 10 X per sec.) accommodates data collection for dynamic testing of relief valves
  • Panel mounted multi-function calibrator simulates and reads thermocouples, RTD’s, ohms, frequency, DCV, and DC mA
  • Integral 24VDC power supply to power transmitters on the bench
  • Panels can be customized to accommodate additional functions and requirements

Our custom calibration tools and workbench fabrication capabilities are supported by calibration services that encompass a vast array of standard and unique applications. Either in our state of the art laboratory or on-site at your facility or job site, we deliver world class ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited calibration services that set the standard for quality and value. From gauge, meter, sensors, and detectors, to complex mechanical and opto-mechanical systems, our team has the tools and expertise to meet virtually any calibration requirement.

We are also a major supplier of a wide range of calibration tools and supplies; these include instruments for gas detection, pressure, level and flow, electrical, temperature testing, and much more. We offer various types of data recorders and loggers, power analyzers, thermal imaging, controllers, transmitters, and displays, and other analytical tools. Whether you need a custom engineered solution, comprehensive calibration program, or regular deliveries of supplies and consumables, we provide a level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry. Our knowledgeable, proactive staff takes great pride in delivering innovation and value that allow us to become an integral part of our customer’s quality departments.

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