Wilmington Instrument Company has been a provider of instrument calibration and repair services since our founding in 1944. Each of our highly trained technicians has extensive experience in calibration and instrument repair. As an ISO 17025 certified provider of physical, mechanical, electrical, and frequency calibration services, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality instrument support services available.

Calcert Prime

We are now offering “Calcert Prime”, Wilmington Instrument Company’s calibration by appointment program. “Calcert Prime” is a fast pass for the calibration of your instruments. By enrolling in “Calcert Prime” your equipment reserves its place in line without having to physically be there. As long as we receive your equipment on or before the appointment date, your job will be on the bench the day of your appointment. By enrolling in our Calcert Prime program, you can schedule your calibration appointment up to a year in advance. Calcert Prime significantly reduces your lead times and expediting charges. Enroll today!

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Calcert Gold

Calcert Gold allows you to purchase 3 years of calibration for your instrument – whether you already own it, or whether you are purchasing it new from us. Under the plan you receive a 20% discount off of the calibration price, and you are locked into this price for all 3 regularly scheduled calibrations. In addition, you are automatically enrolled in our Calcert Prime program (details above). This is applicable to any calibration that Wilmington Instrument Company performs in our facility and may not apply to certain pieces of equipment.


  • Ammeters
  • DMM’s
  • Meggers
  • power meters
  • power factor meters
  • wattmeters
  • transmitters
  • r.p.m. indicators
  • tachometers
  • shunts
  • test sets
  • milliohm meters

Physical Mechanical

  • torque wrenches
  • force gauges
  • micrometers
  • dial indicators
  • calipers
  • gauge blocks


  • decade boxes
  • counters
  • signal and function generators
  • oscilloscopes
  • power supplies
  • hipots
  • dielectric testers
  • surge testers
  • bridges
  • spectrum analyzers


  • voltage and current sources
  • thermocouple and RTD
  • process loop
  • pressure
  • multi-function
  • frequency


  • thermometers
    (digital, liquid-in-glass, infrared)
  • dry block calibrators
  • temperature indicators
  • simulators and calibrators
  • thermocouples
  • RTD’s
  • Controllers
  • Recorders
  • pyrometers


  • flow
  • relative humidity
  • dataloggers
  • recorders
  • ovens
  • retort sterilizers
  • environmental chambers
  • uniformity surveys
  • light meters
  • scales
  • sound level
  • vibration analyzers
  • gas detectors


  • analog and digital gauges
  • deadweight testers
  • manometers
  • vacuum and absolute pressure indicators
  • recorders and controllers
  • transducers
  • switches
  • portable calibrators

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